Dental Periodontal Probe 3N

Dental Periodontal Probe 3N


Dental Nabers Furcation probe graduated working end

Dental Probe - Nabers Furcation probes graduated working end

Dental Periodontal Probe Williams DE offset


Dental periodontal probes Williams DE offset

Upper side: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 mm

Lower side: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 mm

  • Hand-made by skilled craftspeople
  • Made of 420 French Stainless Steel
  • Color coded

TGA Approved

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Dental Periodontal Probe Williams DE offset

Dental probes play a huge role in dental examinations by measuring periodontal pocket depth in millimeters. At Fedior, we take pride in our advanced manufacturing process, ensuring top-quality probes for dental professionals.

Manufacturing for Reliability:

Our Probe tip is crafted from spring-tempered stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and accuracy. Each tip undergoes machine grinding, resulting in exact tolerances that deliver consistent measurements.

The millimeter markings are precisely cut into the probe tips, providing clear and precise data during dental evaluations.

Color-Coding Dental probe:

To streamline dental examinations, Fedior employs a color-coding process. This technique applies color to the probe tip under extreme temperatures, ensuring deep penetration for long-lasting visibility. So, dentists can easily identify measurements, enhancing efficiency and optimizing patient care.

Patient Comfort: 

The Round-Tipped Advantage Recognizing the discomfort that patients may experience during periodontal probing, Fedior has introduced round-tipped probes.

These specially designed tips minimize patient discomfort while allowing dentists to conduct thorough examinations effectively. By incorporating a gentle and smooth round tip, dentists can navigate the periodontal pockets more comfortably, reducing potential irritation or sensitivity for patients.

Expert Hand-Forming:

At Fedior, craftsmanship is important. Following the manufacturing process, the probe tip is hand-formed by our team of experts. This attention to detail guarantees that each perio probe attains its final shape with exceptional quality, ready to perform flawlessly during dental examinations.

Complete Dental Supplies: 

Fedior isn’t only renowned for its high-quality periodontal probes but also for providing a comprehensive range of dental instruments. Dentists can rely on Fedior as their one-stop shop for top-notch dental supplies. 

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