Dental Periodontal Probe CPITN C

Dental Periodontal Probe CPITN C


Dental Probe Fig 8

Dental Probe Fig 8

Dental Mirror Fig 5 – 24 mm Magnifying


Pack of 12

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Magnifying Dental Mirror

Fedior’s magnifying dental mirrors are engineered to shine in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring that you never miss a detail during examinations or dental procedures. What sets these mouth mirrors apart is their ability to provide a non-inverted image, offering dentists a clear as well as accurate view, which is essential for precise diagnostics and effective treatment.

The reflection layer with its double silver coating, developed in a high vacuum, ensures an extremely high reflection. As a result, the mirror image is of a bright and brilliant image quality. The silver coating is protected by a layer combination made of Copper/Titanium, which ensures the extremely long life of our mouth mirrors by its high resistance against all types of disinfection and sterilization.


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