About Us

Our Story & Why We Started

Fedior wasn’t supposed to exist, nor was it meant to be named Fedior. However, when the founder and owner of a former renowned company passed away, his children faced insurmountable trademark and copyright challenges preventing the expansion of their inherited business into new markets. Determined to honour their father’s legacy, they envisioned not just continuing his work, but also modernizing it for a wider audience, especially local small businesses, clinics, and dentists throughout the world.

The new goal? To make purchasing dental instruments from Pakistan accessible to anyone worldwide, delivered straight to their doorstep without the usual legal complexities surrounding international deliveries.

Our Customers & the Cause We Serve

Our customers encompass all those in need of dental instruments, from large importers and distributors to small local businesses, clinics, and dentists. We’re committed to keeping costs reasonable by conducting in-house manufacturing, avoiding excessive markups often seen with other brands, and offering direct sales at manufacturer’s prices rather than the typical 3x retail markup.

We strive to produce top-quality instruments at the lowest possible prices, delivering them directly to customers worldwide without the added margins of distributors.

Our Business Model & How Our Products are Made

Our approach is straightforward: we manufacture dental instruments using as many in-house capabilities as possible, thereby keeping costs down. Our process culminates in shipping our products directly to customers. Additionally, we accept orders from larger businesses requiring their own branding on instruments and packaging.

Local & International Compliance

We uphold rigorous compliance with all local and international laws, ensuring our instruments meet the highest industry standards, including:

  • CE
  • TGA
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485
  • FDA

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