Dental Tooth Extracting Forceps Fig 86A – Lower 3rd Molars – English Pattern


Dental Root Elevator Fig 0A Bein – 2mm

1RE0A Root Elevators Fig 0A Bein

Dental Extracting Forceps Fig 6 Klein – Lower Molars – CHILDREN


Dental Lower Molars Extracting Forceps Fig 6 Klein is an essential dental instrument used by dentists for extracting teeth from the alveolar bone.

Pattern: English

Fig: 6

Shown configuration: Standard

TGA Approved




Extracting Forceps Fig 6 Klein

During a dental extraction procedure, the dentist or oral surgeon uses forceps to carefully apply controlled pressure and manipulate the tooth until it is loosened from its surrounding tissues. Once the tooth is adequately loosened, the forcep is used to grasp the tooth firmly and extract it from the socket.

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