1RE1B Root Elevators Fig 1 Bein

Dental Root Elevator Fig 1 Bein – 3mm


Dental Root Elevator Fig 12R Winter – Cross-Bar handle – RIGHT

Dental Root Elevators Fig 12R Winter - Cross-Bar handle - RIGHT

Vignal Root Elevator Fig 57


Dental Vignal Root Elevator Fig 57

Shown configuration: Standard

Customization options: Handle, Surface Finish, Colour & Material are customizable on this root elevator. Discuss your requirements with us.

Important: Price is subject to change with custom configuration.




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Vignal Root Elevator Fig 57

Develop the precision and excellence of dental practice

Dental Vignal Root Elevator Fig 57: A Critical Tool for the Dental Practitioner Today. This root elevator is manufactured with the utmost care to offer enhanced performance in the field of dentistry and to complement the overall satisfaction of users concerning quality.

Unparalleled Design and Functionality in Dental Vignal Root Elevator Fig 57

Dental Vignal Root Elevator Fig 57 is an ideal and worthy instrument for a dental surgeon. The design of the elevator allows better healing and patient comfort because the scalpel and the device leave minimal tissue damage.

Customization Options in Dental Instruments:

Fedior understands that every dental professional has different preferences and needs. Therefore, we offer a range of customization options for the Dental Vignal Root Elevator Fig 57. Customize your tool to suit your specific needs and preferences: Therefore, we offer a range of customization options for the dental instruments. Customize your tools to suit your specific needs and preferences:

  1. Handle: Choose from various options: They include different designs of the handles with varying grips and ergonomics. No matter how particular you are about your bow design and great hand-feel value; we have the texture or smoothness of the handle you want.
  2. Surface Finish: Choose the surface finish that will be most useful for you and your practice. From a glossy surface that is preferable for appearance to a dull surface that eliminates easier reflections and reflections, it offers the best choices to suit your preferences.
  3. Color: Steps to customize the root elevator with a variety of colors. This is all done while simultaneously making a personalized mark and helping to distinguish and organize items within a practice.
  4. Material: Should a customer have a special request for the material of the standard root elevator, rigid stainless is our standard product; otherwise we offer alternative materials. Ask us what we can do to make your requirements more achievable with alternatives like titanium, which is stronger and lighter.

Important: A Pre-Installed Price is Not Final with Customization.

Continuing to Pursue Quality and Customer Service Excellence.

Fedior is committed to bringing to dental professionals quality tools that present quality, precision, and innovation. The Dental root elevator offers that reflects its quality. Every created elevator will go through several quality control inspections to guarantee its quality and sustainability.

We are proud to be working with customers who value their personal needs and strive to offer individually tailored solutions for the selection and configuration of the needed tools. We offer highly professional specialized assistance from the selection stage to the customization and further use of the remover.

Enhance Your Dental Practice Today

Dental Root Elevator for your practice. This outstanding product always meets the dentist’s needs and combines functional capabilities with individuality and uniqueness to perfection. With its various attachments, this root elevator can perform simple routine extractions or difficult surgical procedures to achieve the best results with patients.

If you’re interested in the Dental Products and would like to customize it, call our agents and start the conversation today. Let us contribute to personalizing the best solution for you regarding your practice and develop a practice that can be considered as the best you can get in dental technology.

How to Order?

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  3. Write down the instruments’ numbers that you wish to order in the Order Sheet.
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