Dental Implants Drill Kit - Set of 8 Titanium

Dental Implants Drill Kit – Set of 8 Titanium

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Osteotome straight & angled convex tip with cassette

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Osteotome straight & angled convex tip with cassette kit

The Osseodensification Burs Kit

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Enhance your dental practice with the Osseodensification Bur Kit and essential dentistry tools

Discover the ultimate value for your dental practice with the versatile Osseodensification Bur Kit. This dentistry kit is designed to accommodate multiple implant systems, making it an ideal choice for dentists.

  • Compatibility with implants of various sizes, including up to 6.0,

The Osseodensification Burs kit is engineered with a proprietary flute design, enabling them to function in two distinct modes:

  1. Cutting Mode (Clockwise Rotation) – Operates at 800-1500 Rpms
  2. Densifying Mode (Counterclockwise Rotation) – Operates at 800-1500 Rpms


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Dental Innovation with the Osseodensification Burs Kit

In the realm of dental procedures, precision is paramount. Unlike regular twist drills with 2-4 lands, our Densah Burs are meticulously crafted with 4 or more lands to navigate the osteotomy with unparalleled accuracy. This design minimizes the potential for chatter, ensuring a smoother and more controlled drilling experience.

Osseodensification, a groundbreaking technique, relies on the unique capabilities of Densah Burs. These burs facilitate controlled bone plastic deformation during the surgical process. What does this mean for you? The expansion of a cylindrical osteotomy is achieved without excavating any bone tissue, preserving the integrity of the surrounding structure.

Densah Burs Modes Tailored to Your Needs

Adapting to the demands of diverse surgical scenarios, Densah Burs boast progressive diameter increments throughout the procedure. Compatible with standard surgical engines, these burs are your go-to for bone preservation and condensation in counterclockwise rotation (Densifying Mode) at 800-1500 rpm. Need to make precise cuts? No problem. Switch to clockwise rotation (Cutting Mode) while maintaining the same rpm range.

Mastering the Art of Motion

Unlock the full potential of the Osseodensification Burs Kit by employing the Bouncing-Pumping motion. This technique, executed with minor vertical pressure, allows for the progressive advancement of the drill into the osteotomy. Strategically alternating between advancing and relieving pressure, this in/out motion ensures optimal results. The duration and frequency of bouncing-pumping episodes are tailored to bone density and desired length, putting you in complete control of the procedure.

Experience the Future of Osseodensification

With Fedior Densah Burs, elevate your dental practice to new heights. Navigate osteotomies with unmatched precision, thanks to the innovative design and versatile modes tailored to your specific needs. Embrace the Bouncing-Pumping motion for a seamless and controlled drilling experience.

Stay at the forefront of dental innovation with Densah Burs – where precision meets excellence


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