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Dental Root Elevator Fig 3L Hylin – Left


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Dental Root Elevator Fig 3R


Dental Root Elevator Fig 3R Coleman – Right

Shown configuration: Standard

Customization options: Handle, Surface Finish, Colour & Material are customizable on this root elevator. Discuss your requirements with us.

Important: Price is subject to change with custom configuration.




About Root Elevator:

Fedior is introducing the Dental Root Elevator Fig. 3R Coleman – Right, high-quality and items that facilitate difficult dental procedures with maximum accuracy and precision. As far as root elevation goes, this tool has got to be the best by far as functionality and durability. Its offers are incomparably equal to any dental instruments out there now.

The Coleman Dental Root Elevator Fig 3R is skillfully conceived to ensure satisfactory results, implying a sound construction that tolerates intensive use over a duration. A realistic pad-like design provides dental operators with the top of the handling and control. Moreover, it gives them confidence and allows them to operate with precision in difficult operations.

Consequently, this is an important resource that is industriously adapted to cater to dentist’s likes and needs alike. The manufacturing process can be custom-ordered with the choices of handle design, finish surface, color, and material composition to bring the specific requirements of a dental practice to every instrument.

Based on your preferences, whether it’s the need to have more grip, a more customized aesthetic, or specific materials whenever you are riding to work, our customization services can provide the perfect fit for you.

It is remarkable that the Dental Root Elevator Fig 3R Coleman – Right stands out for its exceptional effectiveness in root elevation, as it is equipped with adjustable features to give the surgeon complete control of minute movements and the damaged tissues around the site. Its standardized setup securely integrates with current installations.

Moreover, it is possible to have special modifications on its standard arrangement to make it better suit complex treatments. The instrument individually bore to meet high standards of modern dental engineering, the dental root elevator, Fig 3R Coleman – Right, is a spectacular example of the accuracy, stability, and innovation in dental instrumentations. Trust its third of premium quality to crown the peak of your practice.

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