Curved Warwick James Elevator - Fig 2L - 16cm Left

Curved Warwick James Elevator – Fig 2L – 16cm Left


Dental Root Elevator Fig 6 Bernard – Changeable Tip

1RE6BR Root Elevators Fig 6 Bernard

Curved Coupland Elevator 2 – Dental Root Elevators – 2.5mm


Dental Curved Coupland Elevator is used by dentists to help extract teeth from jaw –

Wordwide Delivery –

Top Quality Stainless Steel –

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Curved Coupland Elevator 1 2 3

It’s simple: Dentists need dental coupland elevators to extract teeth out of the jaw. And manufacture them. If superior control and precision in tooth extraction is in question, then you need to buy our coupland elevator. BUT WHY OURS?

  1. No Rip Off Policy – We aim to keep the middle-man distributors and resellers out of the way and keep our cost what we, a manufacturer, determine. Consequently, you get prices more than 50% lower than the retail and big brands.
  2. Direct Manufacturer – You are buying from a manufacturer. This gives you greater control over the customisations, quality, and even private banding.
  3. Great Customer Support – After we close the sale and get your money, we will still be there to give you excellent customer support (should you get stuck somewhere along the way). However we trust that you got this.

How to Order?

  1. Download our PDF CataloguePrice List, and Order Sheet from the “Downloads” section above.
  2. Go through our Catalogue and Price List
  3. Write down the instruments’ numbers that you wish to order in the Order Sheet.
  4. Email the filled sheet to [email protected] or send that over our WhatsApp (+92) 0304 991 9910

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