Dental Root Elevator Fig 27 Cryer

Dental Root Elevator Fig 27 Cryer


Witzel Dental Tooth Extracting Forceps Fig 501 – American Pattern

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Apical Root Elevators Fig 3L West – Left


Dental Root Elevators Fig 3L West (apical) – Left

Shown configuration: Standard

Customization options: Handle, Surface Finish, Colour & Material are customizable on this root elevator. Discuss your requirements with us.

Important: Price is subject to change with custom configuration.





Introducing the Apical Root Elevators Fig 3L (West – Left)

The Apical Elevators Fig. 3L West – Left is manufactured with utmost care and craftsmanship. This special instrument is designed to elevate the roots apically. With its exceptional precision and efficiency at work, it is unmatched in the field of root elevation. Designed in such a way that it addresses the dental professionals’ needs which is a sign of top-level care that offers the dentists the confidence to do filtrial procedures with the least difficulty.

Customization Options for Apical Elevators

The installation configuration which is shown here is a standard one; however, we are capable of designing a personalized system based on your own specific requirements. Moving from the handle design to the surface color, and finishing, the material composition up until to its completeness vis-à-vis your professional zeal can be modified.

Precision Engineering in Apical Root Elevators

The fixture has a precise engineering design which makes it effective during the elevation of root L West – Left in apical procedures. Comfortable grip which is an exemplary trait of an ergonomic handle is the result. Moreover, the tool’s design is aimed at causing as less injury as possible to the surrounding tissues.

Invest in Excellence

Do not keep in mind that the price may fluctuate according to the configuration you choose. On the other hand, the investment in apical root elevator equilateral West-left will in the long term provide meaningful efficiency in procedural processes, greater comfort of patients, and increased satisfaction of practice.

Experience Unmatched Quality in Dental instruments

Experience the exactness, dexterity, and creativity that the – Left Apical Root Elevators of Fig 3 represents. Let us help you take your dental practice to the next level of quality; get in touch with us today and we could start designing your customization together. Tell us how we can do the trick and allow you to get the desired result. Get the feel of the transition now!

How to Order?

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