1RE4R1 Root Elevators Fig 4R Hylin - Right

Dental Root Elevator Fig 4R Hylin – Right


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Apical Root Elevator Fig 2R West – Right


Dental Root Elevator Fig 2R West (apical) – Right

Shown configuration: Standard

Customization options: Handle, Surface Finish, Colour & Material are customizable on this root elevator. Discuss your requirements regarding the apical root elevator with us.

Important: Price is subject to change with custom configuration.





Know about Apical Root Elevator

We are very pleased to present Dental Apical Root Elevator Utensil Fig. Provide 2R West – Right, an exceptional instrument that changes the established level of dental service. This tool, which like you, was engineered as a professional tool, is considered a standard masterpiece of precision and efficiency.

With the ultimate aim of root elevation of Apical Root Elevator Fig 2R West – Right has an anti-damage configuration which helps to protect the surrounding tissues and allows doctors to carry out more pleasurable extractions. The mechanical benefit of its ergonomic handle leads to both a comfortable grip and maneuverability and control during intricate dental procedures. This simplifies the workflow by making it uniform.

Although the prevalent design shown here is standardized, we do embrace variety as it is a customized design that fits your specificity of choice and need. There is no end to the range of possibilities, whether we talk about the design of the handle, the finish on the surface, or the material; all these elements can be composed by your workplace necessities.

Improved and High-Quality Apical Root Elevator

Seeking quality products that are designed for improved ergonomics, personalized aesthetics or professional standards is one of the issues we address. Our professional, attentive, and skilled team will always provide the utmost fidelity to the exact specifications so that the instrument will be guaranteed an optimum performance along with high compatibility records with your setup.

Financial benefit of Apical Root Elevator

Please be advised that prices may slightly differ due to the custom setup opted out for. Consequently, the cost of a relevant product such as a customized Apical Root Elevator Fig 2R West – Right not only secures quick returns but also ensures meaningful dividends for the long term. These financial benefits come in terms of clinically expedient procedures, comfort for patients, and enjoyment from every patient.

Customised Apical Root Elevator

Live The accuracy, reliability, and technology that Dental Apical Root Elevator embodies – Fig 2 – R11, and take your dental practice to a completely new level of perfection. Make a call to us now to have order customization requirements discussed and to shine the light on what a real difference can be made for your business.

How to Order?

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  3. Write down the instruments’ numbers that you wish to order in the Order Sheet.
  4. Email the filled sheet to [email protected] or send that over our WhatsApp (+92) 0304 991 9910

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